EVENT SERIES: Human Rights First’s Dialogues on Detention (Fri Nov 30 2012, New Orleans LA)

Dialogues on Detention: Applying Lessons From Criminal Justice Reform to the Immigration Detention System

From Human Rights First:

This fall, Human Rights First’s Public Dialogues Series, Dialogues on Detention: Applying Lessons from Criminal Justice Reform to the Immigration Detention System, will convene experts, academics, policymakers, practitioners, advocates, and the private bar working in the immigration detention and corrections/criminal justice fields, as well as formerly detained individuals, to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices. We aim to help shift the national conversation on immigration detention, build alliances between stakeholders in both fields, and lay the groundwork for future improvements in policy and practice.

The Dialogues will focus on four issues: conditions of confinement, mandatory detention/mandatory minimum sentencing, alternatives to detention, and access to quality legal representation. Click here for an overview of the series.

The four day-long events will consist of talks and expert panels at our local university partners in Austin, Irvine (California), Tempe (Arizona), and New Orleans. Human Rights First will host a culminating event in early 2013 to bring lessons learned across the country back to Washington, D.C.

Click here for reading materials related to the Dialogues.

Agendas for the Dialogues will be linked below as speakers are confirmed.

Register for the events using the form here. For more information, please contact Ruthie Epstein at [email protected]